ELITE is an engineering company specialized in structures, roads, urban planning and the environment.

Structural engineering is a classic specialty of civil engineering that deals with the design and calculation in structural elements and systems, we have been designing and calculating steel structures and concrete structures for 25 years.

In each project we develop the preliminary reports, we study the solutions with the advanced calculations of structures, both metallic and reinforced concrete that best adapt to each situation, and we proceed to draft the engineering project with the concept, the plans, the specifications and the budget.

We undertake the study and analysis of all the structural parts that make up the project, performing an advanced structural analysis with the most powerful software available in the market.

At ELITE we develop, study and supervise all kinds of civil engineering works:

  • Planning Feasibility studies
  • Reports and special studies
  • Blueprints
  • Construction projects
  • Technical assistance to construction and site management
  • Project control
  • Quality of works